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The cher-pump-my-stomach-ple

The picture says it all... DO NOT ATTEMPT TO EAT MORE THAN ONE PIECE (OR EVEN ONE PIECE AT ALL) IF YOU ARE NOT A PROFESSIONAL EATER! IT WILL RUIN YOUR APPETITE FOR HOURS AND YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTAKE IN THE OTHER DELICIOUS NON-OBNOXIOUS PIES AND CERTAINLY NOT A TURKEY SANDWICH. This warning has been brought to you by yours truly, who had to wait until the next morning to eat apple pie. But boy, I was one proud baker! Massive and gluttonous, long live the Cherpumple . At someone else's house.

Diary of a Cherpumple: the assembly!

Admittedly I had my doubts, but after having completed the Cherpumple , I now pretty much glow with pride. Three glorious layers waited in the freezer for a quick few hour chill so they would be easier to frost. I whipped up the frosting, using a minimum of 2 pounds of powdered sugar (who really counts at this point?) and began the layering process... I am fully aware that I am a terrible cake baker and even worse at frosting. But I'm thinking when it comes to the cherpumple , beauty is on the inside. The baby sized in at 6 inches tall and 9 inches round. And weighed in at... ...OVER 13 POUNDS!!!! Granted, there's a plate there, but still, it's huge. We read somewhere that there is 1800 calories in one slice of this monstrosity, and I fully believe it. But does it taste as good as it looks? Time will tell.

Diary of a Wimpy Cherpumple

"You've got to remember the number one rule of baking a cherpumple : never fret. Things will be OK." This coming from my husband who previously asked me if we needed to grease the cake pan... The evening was not without its difficulty, but in any case, should you want to try this at home, follow along and learn from our experience. First, bake your pies. I opted for the cheater version because I didn't want to encase the fruit of my labor in cake. Make sure that your pies are a maximum of 8". (This is important, but I can tell you that crust covered in cake batter is a treat all its own.) Once your pies are baked and cooled, assemble your remaining ingredients. You can see that I included a sample of holiday beverages. These are not for the cherpumple , but for the cherpumple bakers. (And no, no one is getting any of my Christmas Ale.) Mix your cake batter to box directions. Grease and flour a 9" cake pan. Pour 1 to 1.5 cups of batter in the bottom

The year of the Cherpumple

There’s a new level of gluttony that we’re about to achieve, and I for one cannot wait. As if the holiday season wasn’t hoggish enough with its gigantic turkeys and heaping bowls of mashed potatoes, there’s a new dessert making news that will send us all over the top. Bulging over the top that is, spilling out the sides, and probably busting zippers and buttons across the nation. The dessert was first introduced to me by my husband (proud follower of the Turduckhen craze) in a simple email. “Saw this in the paper. We’re making it.” I clicked on the link to find the most outrageous, obnoxious, and fantastic dessert I have ever seen. Enter the “cherpumple.” Haven’t heard of this thing? Pronounced “chair-pump-pull” it’s the epitome of holiday desserts all rolled into one frosted mass. A slick combination of a cherry pie, a pumpkin pie, and an apple pie, encased in a blanket of cake and slathered with icing, the cherpumple is quickly catching on as the latest and greatest dessert of

Make your own marshmallow shooter!

If ever there was fun to be found in the hardware store, this is surely it. With just a few pieces of PVC pipe and fittings, you can whip up you're very own marshmallow shooter. And if you shop correctly, your bag of ammo will cost more than the gun itself! The completed marshmallow shooter: And now, how to make it! You'll need: 22 inches of 1/2 inch PVC pipe 2 1/2 inch end caps 2 1/2 inch elbows 2 1/2 inch T's Either con the nice man at the hardware store to cut up the PVC pipe or use a handy hacksaw to saw that 22" into: 1 7" piece 5 3" pieces Then, assemble as follows. You don't need any glue-- just push the pieces together. To shoot, put a mini marshmallow into the long end. Blow a puff of air (with pursed lips) into the mouthpiece in the open elbow. It'll take some practice, but it's great fun! A word of warning: If you have kids breathing into it too much, it'll get wet and gummy. Disassemble and clean/dry. A word of educati

Shopping solo is the way to go

It started with garbanzo beans, which is not something that has probably ever been said before. Call them chickpeas or ceci beans if you wish, but they were on my husband’s salad and he scarfed them down. “You like those things?” I asked, never having seen him eat a legume with such gusto. “Of course. I always eat them on my salad. You just don’t buy them at home.” I personally don’t like the garbanzo type, so naturally since I’m the one doing the grocery shopping they don’t end up in my cart. But I started to wonder, just how much is my husband doing without because I have no idea what he likes to eat? I came up with a brilliant idea. “Dear, I think we should go grocery shopping together. You can help pick things out that you like to eat that maybe I didn’t know you wanted.” He chuckled and made cracks about the two of us having a romantic date at the grocery store. “Maybe we could sample lunch meat in the deli for a main course and then go to the bakery for a cookie dessert be

The curse of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle

To begin, let me tell you why I love the library so much. For one, it’s full of books and music, two wonderful forms of art that in some way appeal to everyone. They have all of the latest newspapers and magazines, movies, and a dusty set of encyclopedias that apparently you can now actually check out without being thrown in prison. It’s also got nice people, the smell of old paper, and has literally any information you want to read and learn. And all of it is free. Absolutely free. Of course we all pay taxes that contribute to the success of our own public libraries, but for the most part when we stand at the check-out counter, the only thing we’re whipping out of our wallet is our library card. In essence, it’s almost as if one of those mega big bookstores with their fancy escalators and people walking around with lanyard nametags and Bluetooth ear pieces decided to trade the cash registers for a nifty bar code system. In fact, my children often get confused between the book store an

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Mom!

Author's note: It's not often I make myself cry, but reading this when it appeared in the paper this morning left my coffee tasting a little salty. I dedicate it to every Super Mom out there! There’s been a lot of hype lately in the mom world about this so-called “Super Mom” nomenclature. From what I gather, a Super Mom is a mother who goes above and beyond the call of duty which means that she probably bathes her kids on a regular basis, dresses them in matching coordinating outfits, always has a full cookie jar (homemade, of course), and still looks like a million bucks when she wakes up in the morning. Yep, I kind of want to punch her, too. But I’ve decided that since that woman is non-existent, I’d come up with my own definition of a Super Mom. Something that is more realistic and attainable for those of us who have dreams of one day owning our own cape. So show me a mom who has gone through even the easiest of pregnancies and labor, and I’ll show you a Super Mom. Anyon

How to make your own silly bandz

You know, those ridiculous rubber bracelets that you find all over your house? That come in every shape, color, and size so that your kids just HAVE to have them? Fear no more-- I can share with you how to make your very own. It only takes a trip to the hardware store and the guts to tell the assistant there that the reason you're lingering in the glue and sealant aisle is because you're making silly bandz and he looks at you like you are a lunatic. Because you kinda are, but hey, nothing is cooler than homemade junk. After one failed attempt, here's what we did: 1. Assemble materials, including waxed paper, plain paper for drawing your design, clipboard is handy dandy, food coloring (if you want colored bands), cake decorator tip and bag, silicone sealant (see below), and ice for your hand because it will shake with pain after making a bunch of these. The silicone sealant must read 100% Silicone. I took the idiot way out and bought the bottle that actually said "10