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Resolution: Twelve cups of coffee

It is no big secret that I am a coffee lover.  Ever since that fateful day in 11 th grade when I needed to stay up late for a project and my mother quietly handed me a cup, I have been completely hooked.  I find it’s taste remarkable, and it’s effects magnificent. Even more than the physical effects (think: ZING!) is the way that something as simple as a cup of coffee can bring people together.  While I admit that most of my coffee consumption is done in a hurried fashion, there are rare and beautiful times when I do get to just sit.  And sip.  And enjoy. But like heads, when enjoying coffee two are better than one.  The social interactions that take place over a cup are what make it great, as if some mystical powers of truth and connection are grown into each bean, only to be released as it fills a ceramic mug.  Coffee brings people together, be it neighbors, family, friends, or even acquaintances.   I have specific memories of coffee warming my belly and my heart in my own l

You'll chip your eye out

Quick note to subscribers and blog readers: I have been asked by my editor to post my columns one month past print date.  This should explain the big gap of time since my last did you ever survive?  Keep in mind that these are all just a smidge out of date, so send yourself back four weeks while reading.  Thanks! There are really specific moments in parenting that make it all worth the while.  Obviously I could name a few of the sentimental ones like when they first say “I love you,” or take their first steps or two-wheeled bike ride, or other such sappiness.  Instead I’m going to tell you the story of one such moment that keeps me giggling and wiping the tears away from my wounded eye each time I think of it. We have three children, and the odds of them ever going to sleep soundly and early are truly not in our favor.  It seems that someone always needs something or simply can’t sleep, or by the time they all fall asleep the two of us are so exhausted that we collap