About Me

I wear many hats, but a ski helmet is probably my favorite.

I've been writing in local papers and websites since the early 2000s, where my column has followed my journey of motherhood and life. The archives of this blog contain many of the writings safely stored here because I knew I'd lose them if I was in charge. Most of the columns have appeared in The Bargain Hunter (2005-2009) and The Daily Record (2009-present) and have most recently been the reason a sweet lady named Pam buys the Sunday paper. I'm honored.

I also wear a wellness hat, teaching group fitness classes and personal training at our local YMCA. I love the opportunities of life when you take better care of yourself. In the winter, the ski helmet comes out and I get to share my love of skiing with others while instructing at a local resort. Yes, there is skiing in Ohio.

Some might see an underlying theme of nature in a lot of my work-- I love to be outside and all things about nature. (Except snakes. Mostly rocks and trees.) I cherished my days working at a local nature center as an environmental educator before life took a different direction.


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